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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

pulling weeds and taking names

We have a tendency to pick cold, windy, rainy days to work on our garden.  Luckily we still had a great turn out for our kick off event this season, and there was a whole lot of weeding going on.  We scraped off the top layer of protective mulch, pulled out a whole lot of grass that had found its way into our plots, and topped them all off with some fresh organic soil.  Voila!  Plots ready for planting!

A nice before and after shot. 

Planting some pretty lettuce.

The finished product!  Notice how the sun came out after all the work was done.  I put my seeds in the ground (plot number 1 is mine) and am excited to see what comes up.  I noticed I've been a lot more sluggish this garden season, but getting my hands dirty helped me catch a little gardening spirit.  

Check back in for more updates throughout our season and watch our landscape develop. 

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