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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

chamionship bout

In case you didn't realize how hard core I am, here's proof: derby has become my favorite sporting event.  Friends and I went to the championship bout - the final bout of the season - Saturday night.  After buying our tickets we took some pictures with ladies from the Maiden Milwaukee team, who came so close to pulling out a championship win!  The lady on the left is Kimberr, one of my favorites (1, 2, 3 KIMBERRRR!). 

Besides the overwhelming girl power of derby, I also love the randomness of the events.  The National Anthem was played on an accordion thing - no words, just the strange accordion. 

This father and son duo could not keep it together for the accordion song and had to sit down so no one could see them laughing.

Physical fitness at it's finest.  The championship bout between the Crazy Eights and Maiden Milwaukee (not shown here) was probably the best I've seen - it was edge of your seat entertainment!  Now I have to wait several long months until the start of the next season.  Maybe I'll have to rent Whip It to get my derby fix. 

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