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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

my easter

Paul and I spent Easter in Milwaukee this year (the life of being married to a nurse - a life of a spouse who has to work holidays).  Luckily, we have a great Milwaukee family we could celebrate the holiday with!  Being in Milwaukee for Easter meant we had a chance to attend Easter services at our church, which were so energizing and were such wonderful celebrations of community.  The Spanish and Gospel choirs came together and played some fantabulous music.  On Easter Sunday, we got together with friends for a late brunch and enjoyed some DELICIOUS home cooked food.  Seriously, we went all out.

Included on the menu were these cinnamon rolls, my first attempt at making them from scratch.  I'm happy to say they turned out really well.  Check out America's Test Kitchen for the recipe

Mouth watering yet?

I also shared my first quiche attempt!  I replaced the cream and some of the cheese with actual cream cheese and thought it turned out well.  I added vegetarian sausage to the top for extra taste (and because I'm a sucker for vegetarian sausage). 

And what brunch is complete without a tasty mimosa?  We made ours with fresh squeezed orange juice and the champagne of champagnes: Andre's.  Also on the brunch menu: crepes with nutella and whipped cream, spinach caserole, and fruit salad.  YUMMAY. 

And since this brunch post has focused almost entirely on food, how about I add a picture of my other favorite post topic?  PEDRO!  How adorable is that beagle?  Answer: too adorable.  

Hope you had a great weekend!

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