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Monday, April 15, 2013

make me smile

Two things have me smiling today.  One: VISITORS!!!  We will have five (count them five!) visitors staying with us throughout this week, and I am sooooo excited!  My sister and sister-in-law are included among the five, and I cannot wait to get some good quality girl time with them.  Looking forward to showing them around our fair city and making new memories. 

Two: FLOWERS!  You may have noticed that I've been including more flower pictures here than usual.  I confess, it's a crappy weather survival technique.  Spring is refusing to come to Milwaukee - snow actually stuck to the ground yesterday (see below) - so I've been cultivating spring in our house and on the blog.  I also recently discovered that Whole Foods has great prices on cut flowers (to make up for their not-so-great prices on other things), so I've been buying myself weekly bouquets.  I am quite the fan of this week's - picked it up for less than $10!

What has you smiling today?

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