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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

libby's half marathon

On my visit to St. Louis this weekend, I cheered my sister Libby on during her first half marathon race.  Libby works as an oncology nurse at a St. Louis hospital and ran the race in honor of one of her patients who passed away who had been training for a marathon.  It was so inspiring, and I felt so proud of Libby!

Music along the route to inspire the runners - I enjoyed listening to it too!

All finished!  Pretty sure that medal is weighing her down. 

Libby and her coworkers - they ran for Jenny.  

Libby and her cheerleaders!  Don't know how she would have done it without us.  

Way to go LIbby!  She has me inspired to start running again, though I don't think a half marathon will be happening ... ever. 

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