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Friday, April 5, 2013

29 goals before 29

Oh look, another goal list!  What can I say?  I just love them.  Writing lists and making goals is a great way to daydream, and it makes the daydreams even better knowing that there's a good chance that they'll become reality.  

I got the idea for doing this birthday goal list from Elsie at A Beautiful Mess who got the idea from Andrea at Hula Seventy.  I turned 28 yesterday and made 29 goals to accomplish before my 29th birthday.  And yes, I'm still working on that other goal list I started too.  Happy goals makes a happy Mary.  

1.    Send care package
2.    Try three new restaurants
3.    Write a list of dreams (personal and professional)
4.    Keep a 2013-2014 memory jar
5.    Visit Holy Hill in fall
6.    Attend 5th JVC reunion
7.    See a hippy doctor
8.    Make truffles
9.    Visit Milwaukee Public Museum
10.  Make my own tea
11.  Save $500 in emergency fund
12.  Try gluten-free/elimination diet
13.  Illustrate children's book
14.  Plant bulbs in the fall
15.  Make a fancy scarf [or] learn to embroider
16.  Close Wolski’s 
17.  Organize my "files"
18.  Make "sun" dried tomatoes
19.  Update blog design
20.  Organize online/digital photos
21.  Visit Madison with Paul
22.  Say "yes" to something challenging at work
23.  Take a visitor to the Safe House
24.  Repot house plants
25.  30 days of apartment photos
26.  Try to grow lettuce in our house year round
27.  Decorate our apartment
28.  Camp on a beach
29.  Stay the night in a yurt

Do you like making goal lists?  What's on (or would be on) yours? 

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