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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

three pretty books

Many of you already know that I am huge book nerd.  I used to carry books around with me everywhere I went as a child and even slept with a huge stack of books in my bed; now, I limit my obsession to just listening to books on tape wherever I drive and keep the stack of books next to my bed instead of in it (Paul appreciates this change).  My latest hobby is picking out pretty books to dress up our living room coffee table.  I like these little things that help make everyday life special.  I've been enjoying the rotating inspiration - and of course love the thrill of picking up new pretty books from the library (I saved $170 getting borrowing these books instead of buying them!).   Here's the three books that are gracing our table now: David Hockney, Kate Spade, and Parisian Chic.  I've included links above if any of them strike your fancy, and I highly recommend the Anthropologie website for additional coffee table inspiration. 
1. David Hockney: A Bigger Picture a book full of impressionist/modern/colorful nature paintings.

2. Kate Spade New York: Things We Love  --  another colorful book full of fun, inspiring, random things that Kate Spade loves.  My favorite section was 17: Handwritten Notes.

3. Parisian Chic: A Style Guide -- A Parisian guide to all types of style - fashion, home, beauty.  I enjoyed the fashion ideas and hope to check out some of the featured boutiques and shops when we visit Paris this summer!  (P.S. Recognize this image from pinterest?  I was pretty excited when I saw it.) 

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