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Tuesday, March 26, 2013


I found this adorable book while stalking the Anthropologie book site and requested it from the library to steal all the delicious Miette recipes.  A few weeks later we booked our trip to San Francisco, and I had an internal squeal of excitement: I could visit "San Francisco's most charming pastry shop" in person!  Which is exactly what we did!  I love when life affords you these little special possibilities: the combination of books, an adventure, and desserts! 

Though I didn't visit any other pastry shops on our trip, I think Miette has a good claim on being the city's most charming pastry shop.  I loved the color and ambiance of the shop and also appreciated their use of organic ingredients.  I had a hard time deciding on just one treat so I sampled the graham cracker cookies, a really tasty cupcake, and a pack of lemon ginger mints.  Since I don't think I'll be able to go back anytime soon, I'm glad I have access to the recipe book to recreate my favorite treats.  (If I get really desperate I can also take advantage of their mail order option, but I think making it myself is probably more in my budget.)

I plan on trying the graham cracker cookie recipe first!  Looks simple, and I already know how tasty they are.  I'll let you know if they turn out well!

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