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Saturday, March 30, 2013

lent letters recap

This Lent, I set out to write forty letters/notes/postcards in forty days.  I didn't get quite to forty, so I plan on finishing up the last letters this week.  I loved this Lent project.  I had such a good time writing to people and got a little thrill each time I dropped another letter in the mail.  It gave me an excuse to go to Beans and Barley to pick up pretty cards and to go to the post office to pick out the latest-greatest stamps.  Unless I get a great idea for next year, I may make this a tradition since it put me in an others-minded state in such a positive, happy way.  It made my little heart smile thinking of my friends and family getting little reminders that I was thinking of them.  

How did your Lent go? 

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