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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

my super bowl scarf

Being in hibernation mode inspires me to make the most of my sedendary, indoor activities.  This combined with my increased time off has led me to pick up a few creative hobbies I'd been neglecting.  After I finished this simple song lyric painting, I pulled out my knitting materials.  The yarn you see above had been taking up room in my knitting basket since I finished JVC...five years ago.  Yikes.  Fortunately, sitting in front of the TV for several hours Sunday night watching men in tight pants, a powerful lady in a tight outfit, and up-tight folks on Dowton Abbey gave me enough time to finally finish my longest in-progress project.  And now I have a new fancy scarf to keep me warm!  Huzzah for fancy practical projects! 

Do you like to knit?  I learned from my mom many years ago but my skill level is nowhere near hers.  If this cold weather has you inspired to learn to knit, I recommend this simple "how-to" from Design Sponge. 

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