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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

in the midst of winter

I received this card from a Chicago friend who sends out "Cope with Hope" cards seasonally.  I think her photographs and cards are such a simple, thoughtful little gift.  This one was timed perfectly.  

I've learned that an increase in my happiness is usually achieved by improving my attitude.  I've been longing for spring and having a difficult time living in the present - living here in February with the cold, the wind, the cloudy days, and the snow.  When reading this Cope with Hope card, I realized mentioning over and over again how much I detest February and want spring to come may not be the best way to foster my happiness.  In my defense February has never been a kind month to me and my family, and it's usually around this time of the winter that I become completely impatient for spring.    

But for the sake of my and everyone around me's happiness, I will try to foster my internal summer and to be attentive to the joy and happiness of the present moment - even if the present moment happens to be February.  Honestly, I feel a little better already identifying the issue and writing this post.  I know winter won't last forever, so I will do my best to appreciate the last bits of snow before the arrival of warm weather and sunshine. 

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