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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

this calls for baked goods

Our car was broken into yesterday, and we lost our i-pod, car title, car manual, and insurance cards.  Not the best way to start off the week.  When something like this puts me in a really bad mood, I first try to think of a list of things I'm grateful for - trying to focus on all the things that are good about my day.  If I'm still feeling crappy (and I was last night), it's time for baked goods.  The taste of sugar, butter and chocolate, the smell of tasty things baking in the oven, the thrill of creating something, and even just getting myself off the couch - they're all instant mood boosters.  Add some Lady Gaga or other peppy music to the baking routine, and you've got the perfect cure for a crappy mood! 

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