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Thursday, January 3, 2013

grandma's owls

Before my grandpa passed away, each family member picked out a few special things to remember my grandpa and grandma by.  I chose these little hand painted owls that stood on my grandma's china cabinet, a main fixture in my grandparents' dining room.  Now they sit on one of our bookshelves in a spot where I can see them daily.  It's a little thing that reminds me daily of my grandparents.  

After I picked out the owls I was surprised by these salt and pepper shakers on Anthropologie's website:

Looks like my grandma was ahead of her time.  Or was in her time, and we're just going backwards.  With cool pieces like this on the market, my little owls might be the start of a new collection.  Which is something my grandma would have loved.  

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