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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

everything is topsy turvy

Say hello to the current state of our bathroom...

and to our bathroom door (our old shower curtain... 

and to the first floor sink - which is that white square in the center - the one you can see through the hole in our bathroom floor!

As you can tell, our bathroom is undergoing a full makeover!  Which means that although we have to go to the bathroom guarded by nothing more than a plastic curtain - and although we have to impose on the generosity of friends for use of their shower facilities - we will soon have a beautiful new space!  

I remember loving these types of repairs as a kid (not that it happened very often at our house).  I loved the change to our regular space, and I loved the topsy-turviness that continued until the repairs were complete.  Having just a toilet in our bathroom would have probably been very exciting to me as a kid, though not quite so much as an adult.  Now I get annoyed by inconvenience and forget how priveldged I am to have the only major inconvenience in my life be a bathroom-in-progress.  So I'll channel the wonder and excitement of my childhood self while I make the track once again to a friend's shower.  

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