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Monday, December 3, 2012

our christmas tree

This weekend Paul and I went to pick out the Christmas tree for our community.  We all opted to buy a live one.  Paul has the Oregon love for trees in his blood, and I appreciate that having a live tree instead of a fake, plastic tree is actually better for the environment. 

I had to break the bad news to Paul that we were not getting a Charlie Brown Christmas tree this year.

We were getting this one!  It's beautimous!

We got the tree home with it sticking out of the trunk of our car, and amazingly it made it home in one piece.  Set up was easy too since we had stored the tree stand in an easily locatable place (which was a miracle since I didn't even remember putting it away last year).  I love the way the tree smells and brightens up the house.  Now we just have to remember where we put the lights and ornaments!  

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