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Friday, December 28, 2012

final advent reflection

The final week of my Advent reflection focused on these thoughts: we all leave precious things behind either because life forces us too or because we choose to in order to grow.  Change can be a source of bitter stagnation or embraced as a source of creative good.  How am I being called to move beyond my comfort, security, and fear?  What is my spiritual journey this Advent?   

My spiritual journey has been almost as crazy as my physical journeys this Advent.  This Advent, Paul and I travelled to the Pacific Northwest and will travel to St. Louis before heading back home. We left Milwaukee behind and were affirmed on our journey by many of Paul's family and friends.  My spiritual journey was influenced by saying goodbye to my grandpa and seeing my mom become the unofficial matriarch of her family.  Paul and I have discussed our future and our transitioning role in our community.  I left a wonderful job due to a lay off that came at a time when I was in need of a change.  I said goodbye to my coworkers and will begin a new position in less than a week.  I've had difficulties with my health but am taking steps to help myself heal.  I have begun to have freedom from anxiety and have grown in confidence and self-respect.    

As Advent comes to a close, I feel invited on a journey to a new job, a new era in my family, a new stage in my relationship with Paul, a new understanding of myself, a new trust and openness in the direction of my life. I risk discovering new life so that I can fully live my calling and live my life to its fullest potential. 

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