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Friday, November 30, 2012

project gratitude recap

Today I'm grateful that I made it through this challenge.  Woo hoo!!!  I feel so accomplished in my gratitude.    

While I consider myself an averagely grateful person, I had some difficulty coming up with things that I could write full blog posts about.  Most of things I feel gratitude for on a daily basis don't feel important enough for a full blog post, which isn't actually a terrible thing.  Feeling thankful for small things has made my life feel very special and full and meaningful.    

At the end of this challenge, I don't feel my levels of gratitude radically changed, but I did experience a few really nice moments that wouldn't have happened if it hadn't been for project gratitude.  It helped resolve a minor conflict with my sister, led to a nice phone conversation with my brother, and helped me feel very supported with my grandpa being sick.  I'm really happy that I had the opportunity to put into words how I feel about people and things in my life that mean a lot to me.  One thing I realized is that I don't always take the time to thank people or tell them how much they mean to me.  A few heart felt thoughts can go a long way.    

My gratitude posts: YAY!!  
Public Transit ... Audio Books ... Being home ... making it to 100 posts ... Voting ... Grandpa ... Puppies ...St. Francis church ... Inherited skillz ... Coworkers ... the Salvadoran Jesuit martyrs ... A new job ... Library card ... Thanksgiving ... Old pictures ... My sister ... My parents ... My brothers ... My dog ... My husband ...Milwaukee friends ... My in-laws 

And now....get ready for an explosion of holiday cheer!!  I am super excited that it is almost December!!  How about you?  How nice is it that a month dedicated to thanksgiving leads right into a month to celebrate with and give to people you care about?!  Somebody planned that right

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