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Thursday, November 8, 2012

gratitude: puppies

I never thought I would be a person who would take pictures of my animals, let alone a person who posted about my animals on my blog.  But it has happened.  And I am completely okay with it. 

Pedro accompanied me to St. Louis this past weekend, and I was actually really grateful for his company.  Again, never would have thought I'd be a person who could appreciate something like that.  The weekend was a perfect storm of circumstances that led to me completely delighting in our family's dogs.  My stomach has finally been feeling better, I've felt less anxious and more present in general, and I needed a distraction from my grandpa being sick.  

The dogs delivered.  Dory, the white fur ball of fluff, could bring a smile to anyone's face.  She has the cutest little face and loves to bound around like a tiny, low hanging puppy cloud.  She really enjoys chewing and jumping on Pedro and Pele (my family's black lab).  They generally treat her like an annoying baby sister - gently pushing her out of the way until the pestering becomes too much and they either pin her down or start wrestling with her. Pedro loved running around in circles in the back yard, and Pele took it all in like a wise old grandpa.  

The giggling and laughing that resulted from the puppies totally made my weekend.  Very grateful for the little four legged members of our family.  

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