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Friday, November 2, 2012

gratitude: public transit

Welcome to Day 1 of Project Gratitude!  Today I am grateful for public transportation.  

I relied on public transportation as my only form of transportation for three years before Paul and I bought a car.  Now though, I rarely take the bus because I have more convenient forms of transportation.  Living within walking distance of work and having coworkers to carpool with has also spoiled me a bit.  Once the weather cools down though, I opt for taking the bus to work on days that I don't have a ride.  Even though there can be lots of headaches with taking public transportation (missing the bus, waiting in the snow, cranky drivers, crazy passengers), there's something I find totally exhilarating about public transportation.  

I love being able to relax or read during my commute instead of having to concentrate on driving.   I love lowering my impact on the environment by adding one less car to the road.  I love public transportation for being a great social equalizer (especially in Chicago) - folks from all walks of life all smushed together.  Everyday is like a social experiment.  I love all the strange interactions I've had and people I've seen.  I love being reminded that everything isn't all about me - even though I would love to be dropped off a few blocks closer to my house, that ain't going to happen.  I love having the skills to navigate a new city without a car.    

Hopefully gratefulness for public transportation will convince me to take it more often even when it's not convenient :) 
Sarah's Gratitude project here.  If you are doing a gratitude project on your blog, please share a link with me!

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