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Monday, November 26, 2012

gratitude: old pictures

Every time I visit home my mom tries to get me to clean out more of my old stuff.  I have a serious sentimental hoarding problem when it comes to saving memorabilia, and I literally have boxes of things of stuff I've accumulated over the years.  This weekend I went through some old "save-it" boxes and managed to consolidate a bit.  I let go of a letter from my second grade teacher and pen pal letters from a girl I met on vacation when I was seven.  I kept copies of the newspaper I ran in fourth grade.  Still, progress.  

Saving things ties in naturally with my love of history.  I love old stories, artifacts, and anything that helps connect me with the people and events of the past.  Working in my college archives for one of my history classes solidified my passion for saving everything.  But as I need to keep reminding myself: colleges, cities, and big organizations need archives, individuals do not.  That fact hit home again this weekend while going through some of my grandparents' old things.  Keeping a personal archive just makes it more difficult for other people to clear out your things.    

And this is why I love old pictures.  I never met my Grandma Rita as she died when my mom was still a teenager.  But pictures of her can help me learn who she was and what I inherited from her.  Wasn't she lovely?  I believe this is a picture of her from her sister's wedding.  There's a good chance she made the dress herself.  This picture of her helps her memory live on (without taking up a lot of room in a save-it box).  

Pictures: the cure for sentimental memorabilia hoarders. 

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