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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

gratitude: a new job!!!

After four months of searching, lots of job applications, and several interviews, I have accepted a job offer!!!  Yeehaw!  I could not be happier with the new organization I will be working for; it makes the whole situation easier knowing I'll be transitioning to an organization I really believe in and will be working with people I will really respect (much like my current position).   

It still feels bittersweet and sad to be leaving my current position.  I love the people I work with, I love the flexibility my position offers, I love working close to home, I love our benefits, I love my work environment.  I will have a very difficult time saying goodbye to coworkers who have become great friends.  

This morning I reread the finding joy in job loss post I wrote when I found out I would be losing my job in July:    

A phrase I really like has been coming to mind: "we wait in joyful hope."  Right now, I see my forced job change as an opportunity to move out of my comfort zone and to tackle a new challenge.  I'm waiting in joyful hope that I will find another job that will be a good fit and will feel like home the way my current job has.  The joy in my job loss is the hope that a new adventure awaits me.

What I was hoping for then has actually come to pass!  I can't believe I got exactly what I was asking for.  It's so important for future times of uncertainty to remember how previous unsettling times were resolved.   

Now I ask that any positive job finding vibes you were sending my way now be sent to my coworkers who are still looking for work.  It would be perfect if we could all have good things lined up by the time our lay off is effective in December.  Positive vibes!  Positive vibes! 

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