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Thursday, November 29, 2012

gratitude: my in-laws

I can't believe I'm old enough to have in-laws.  I feared gaining in-laws because of all the jokes, eye rolls and complaints at their expense in TV shows I watched growing up.  Gaining a new family may have felt a little strange at first, but I feel very grateful for how willingly Paul's family accepted me and made me feel at home.  I remember the first family dinner at Paul's aunt and uncle's house eating a delicious vegetarian meal.  Paul's grandpa shaking my hand for the first time said "cold hands, warm heart."  Since then I've made especially close connections with Paul's sister, dad, grandma, and aunt and uncle.  They are all such wonderful people with warm, generous hearts.  It feels really special to be an automatic beneficiary of all the love they have for Paul - just expanded to include me as well now.  I've gotten to know Paul in a deeper way by getting to know the people he loves and understanding better where he comes from (also from all the embarrassing stories they're willing to share about him).  It turns out in-laws aren't so bad after all.

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