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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

gratitude: my dog Pedro

Every time I make a blog post about my dog Pedro I feel like I have to apologize or justify it.  It all stems from me never having been a dog person until Paul and I adopted Pedro last year.  Until then, I mostly just tolerated my family pets.  Owning Pedro has turned me into one of those dog lover people.  I admit it, I am in love with my dog.  I blame it on Paul's love for Pedro being contagious and being a married couple without kids.  It's not our fault we're spoiling our dog!  It's just our now-that-we're-married-we-must-nurture-something instincts kicking in!  We cannot be blamed for our actions or any cheesy voices we slip into while talking to our dog. 

With that being said, I am very thankful for Pedro.  Having Pedro makes Paul and I feel more like a family instead of just a couple.  He's brought smiles to mine and Paul's faces on days when nothing else would quite do the trick.  He's been a great road trip companion on long drives to St. Louis.  He's such a loving, low-key dog (anxiety attacks aside), it's really hard not to care about him.  He even gives me an excuse to stay active with walks outside when the temperature has dropped below freezing (this is usually a good thing).  

He's shown me that I actually do have maternal extincts buried somewhere inside me and that I have what it takes to keep a living things alive for an extended period of time.  Thanks Pedro.  I'm sure our future children will thank you someday too. 

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