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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

gratitude: my brothers

Photo by Christine LeGrand
I couldn't have asked for two better, dorkier brothers.  I love them even though I know that if they're reading this, they're probably already mentally groaning or distracted because they're preparing a witty insult. 

Brothers are funny creatures.  While they'll be the first to make fun of me (and do so almost any chance they get), I also know they would do anything for me.  In the same breath, they'll call me "big orange" or "Raggedy Ann" and then finish by giving me a hug and telling me they love me.  (Can you guess what those latest nicknames are based on?)

It's been an awesomely weird experience to literally watch them grow up.  I remember when they used to be so much shorter and nerdier (and if anyone asks, I still think they're huge nerds), and it makes me feel very proud to see the men they're growing up to be.  They're louder and stronger, but in my eyes they'll always be my little brothers.  

I can depend on my brothers to remind me not to take myself too seriously and to have fun in the process.  I can depend on them to be good dance partners at any family wedding.  I can always depend on them for a good laugh.  I can also now depend on Mike for a good beer or mixed drink.  If I feel the sudden urge to play in a pick up basketball or soccer game, I know who to call.  And I know someday I'll be able to depend on them to be great uncles to my kids.  

If you're still reading this Mike and Pat (assuming you know that I have a blog), I love you both so much and am so grateful to have you in my life - even though you're the biggest losers I know.

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