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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

gratitude: library card

I am a total and complete book nerd.  My family will confirm that growing up I brought at least one book with me wherever I went.  I remember bringing them to the grocery store and to (my) sports games.  I usually slept with a stack of books in my bed, to read after it was supposed to be lights out.  I freaked out excitedly every summer for the summer reading program and made most of the reading challenges.  Book.  Nerd.  

My book love has only strengthened with age.  Luckily I have access to an endless amount of free books through the Milwaukee public library.  One of the first errands I completed after our move to Milwaukee was getting a library card.  

I request books all the time through the online request system and pick up new books with the thrill of a kid on Christmas morning.  I am just barely overexagerating that.  There's been many times that the highlight of my day was picking up whatever new book was waiting for me on the library hold shelf.  I actually just got a notice that I have a book waiting for me now ... will just have to wait until I go back.  Agh ... the agony.  

I get such a thrill out of reading and love that all of it is. for. free.  Love it.  

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