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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

gratitude: inherited skillz

My mom and dad have got some mad skillz.  For those not hip to my trendy lingo, that means I think that my mom and dad are very talented.  

Some of these skills I've inherited or learned easily from my parents and some I'm still working on.  Baking and knitting are two of my favorites I've learned from my mom.  There's a reason the wedding gift I was most looking forward to receiving was a kitchen aid mixer.  The ladies in my family have some serious sweet teeth.  We also tend to bake and consume treats as a form of relaxation and comfort.  They may not be extremely healthy, but they sure are extremely delicious. 

I picked up knitting from my mom a few years ago, but I haven't come anywhere close to matching her mastery of the hobby.  The pictures in this post are of a few of her recent projects.  I'm in awe of her completed work, especially her use of color.  Maybe this winter I'll try to learn a few more things from her.  

My dad is also very creative.  If he could ever sit still long enough, he would probably be a great painter and artist.  But movement and socializing come easiest to my dad, and he happens to be one of the best story tellers and entertainers I know.  My dad comes from a long line of story tellers (some might say bull-shitters), and my brothers have probably inherited this skill best.  I love listening to stories, and I would love learn to share (and embellish) my experiences better.  I'll have to ask my dad what his secret is.  

My parents also have mad skillz when it comes to working with people.  My dad can read people well, and people have said before that he could sell anything to anybody.  My mom is a nurse by trade and has worked with moms and babies in a lot of different capacities.  They both seem to have a natural knack for ministry, and it's been very cool to see them grow into these roles over the years.  Hope to keep emulating these people skills as I get older.  

I like taking the time to think about the positive things I've inherited from my parents, beyond my good looks of course.  Family history, traditions, and legacies are fascinating to me, and I love reflecting on the special things that connect me to my family - especially the things I'd like to pass on to my own kids someday. 

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