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Thursday, November 15, 2012

gratitude: coworkers

I was completely unaware of the importance of good coworkers when I began my search for my first "real" job.  In college I had the opportunity to practice interviewing but never received any advice about detecting a good work environment.  Fortunately for me, I completely lucked out with my current coworkers.  As evidence, see the above photos from our summer bocce ball tournament.  I can honestly say I enjoy all my coworkers, and they are what I will miss most about my job when I leave it soon.  I'll miss our potlucks.  I'll miss all the non-exclusive clubs we created (lunch movie club and salad club are among my favorites).  I'll miss having daily support with my work and with general life stuff.  I'll miss the people who helped me feel so welcomed and so at home in Milwaukee.  It's such a gift to have good people to share work with. 

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