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Saturday, November 3, 2012

gratitude: audio books

I'm a little late to the audio books party.  In the past, I never thought much of them.  I preferred my books silent and holdable.  But I've now found a wonderful use for them: road trip companions.  Though Paul and I usually travel together, I'll sometimes take a road trip by myself and will need something to keep me awake and entertained.  Now that I've given audio books a chance, I've realized how much I've been missing out on.  I enjoy having another way to experience a story and the talents of the narrators in bringing books to life.  I also appreciate feeling like I'm utilizing time otherwise wasted driving in the car by myself (after the first few hours, the novelty of having quiet time by myself fades into boredom).  I enjoyed listening to the Golden Compass for a few hours last night - just don't tell me what happens because I won't finish it until my drive tomorrow!   

Do you have any favorite books on tape?  Would love to hear good recommendations!  

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