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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

visiting my family

This weekend I had a family filled weekend, and I loved it.  Paul and I had traveled to St. Louis for my cousin's wedding, which was actually in a small town a little outside of St. Louis.  Before the wedding I had a chance to spend some time with Grandpa.  It's been a strange journey watching him age and grow sicker.  I feel very grateful that his mind is still mostly the same, and we can make new memories during visits and share a lot of laughs.

Saturday, we headed to the "destination wedding", and I got to spend time hanging out and dancing with these lovely ladies...

and these dorky guys.  Did you know my dad was a twin?  They've been identical their whole lives - even now in their 50s.  It's freaky.

I feel so lucky to be so loved by my family.  They help remind me who I am and help keep me grounded - seriously, no one could have too inflated of an ego with the way my family teases each other.  

Since Paul and I live far away from our families, we really appreciate every chance we get to spend with them.  We've made a commitment to visiting as often as we can, though it never feels like enough.  I've been trying to be better about keeping in touch through phone and email - the big advantage of living in the modern age!  So grateful for my family and the person they've helped me become.  

P.S. I wrote my first guest blog today over at Fumbling Toward Grace.  It will be a semi regular feature on the connection between food and social justice.  Check it out! 

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