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Monday, October 15, 2012

second goal completed!

During the last four months of 2012, I'm participating in the four simple goals challenge created by Elsie Larson at A Beautiful Mess.  This weekend, I accomplished the second of my four goals: meeting with a nutritionist.    

I decided to speak with a nutritionist because of the ongoing stomach issues I've been experiencing lately.  Even though I've followed my doctor's recommendation to "bring on the fiber," I still haven't been feeling well.  I hoped the nutritionist would have some suggestions for a meal plan that would make me feel better and keep me healthy. 

The nutritionist delivered, which means my diet will finally be expanding from metamucil, oatmeal, and crackers.  Already, I've felt semi-liberated from the confines of my "safety diet" to healthier foods including rice cakes, almond butter and milk, veggie soup, nori, baked apples, and roasted beets and brussel sprouts.  It might not sound appetizing to those who can properly digest pizza and ice cream, but believe me, this food tasted like it was heaven sent.

I'll be sharing more of my food journey later this week, including the elimination diet I will be trying over the next few weeks.  My inability to eat my old comfort foods has been a challenge, but I am finally starting to find the joy again in the foods I eat.  Thank goodness!  

I've really enjoyed the four simple goals challenge, especially since it gives me incentive to check things off my to do list I might otherwise procrastinate.  Still trying to figure out what my reward will be.  Click here to read about the completion of my first goal.  What four simple goals would you like to complete before 2013? 

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