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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

happy halloween!

Happy Halloween!  This year, Paul and I dressed in our first couple's costume as the main characters from the new Wes Anderson movie Moonrise Kingdom.  The two kids fall in love and run away from home and the scouts so they can be together.  This movie has won the coveted spot of my favorite Wes Anderson movie.  I had so much fun dressing up - and I thought Paul's glasses were hilarious!  

In St. Louis on Halloween, kids have to tell a joke to get candy when they trick or treat.  If you're set on trick or treating in St. Louis tonight and don't have a joke, here's one that's sure to get you lots and lots of candy: 

Q: Why did the calf cross the road? 
A; To get to the udder side!  

Hope your day is spooktacular

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