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Monday, October 29, 2012

carving pumpkins

I realized this weekend what a sad life I've been living not having carved pumpkins for the past couple of years.  What have I been I thinking?  My friend and I carved the pumpkins we picked a few weeks ago using fancy patterns we found on the interwebs.  We had our tools, our newspaper, and we even had a little help from my friend's new puppy.

She was mostly just interested in eating the pumpkin innards.  She got bored as soon as the real work began.

The finished product!  My little snaggle toothed creepy-cute cat!  Carving with a pattern was a lot easier than I thought, so I'll be going for a more complicated design next year.  I had so much fun doing this - so much fun in fact I might have to start doing it at other times of the year too.  Or maybe I can just stick to more appropriate seasonal activities...

Have you carved pumpkins yet?

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