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Monday, October 8, 2012

barthel's pumpkin picking

This weekend, my friend Mary and I made our third annual trip to Barthel Fruit Farm to stock up on pumpkins and apples.  Barthel is about a thirty minute drive from our house which gives us plenty of time to enjoy all the fall foliage along the highway and country roads we take to get there.  

While the weather was hard on the apples this year, the pumpkins were in abundance and we had a nice choice of carving pumpkins.  We picked four, and were charged a wopping $10 for the haul.  We could have filled our whole car for $28 but exercised a little self control and refrained. 

After picking out our cooking pumpkins and apples, we indulged in delicious candy apples.  Few things taste as much like fall as an apple covered in caramel and nuts.  Yummmmm....

What are some of your favorite fall traditions?

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