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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

summer highlights

Ah, what a summer.  So busy and full of trips, gardening, and lots and lots of fro-yo!  I usually don't take time to reflect on a season, but I had a lot of fun putting together this summer highlight list.  I'm really glad I've been taking more pictures because it helps me to remember special moments and events that might otherwise become a little hazy.  Summer 2012 included...

a trip to Portland, OR to celebrate Memorial Day with my sister, brother, Paul, and Paul's family.  I loved showing  Libby and Mike around my favorite part of the Pacific Northwest.  It's also really nice to spend time as "mostly-grown-ups" with my siblings. 

creating the St. Francis community garden.  It's hard to believe that the garden just began this season.  We now have around twenty-five garden plots, a plot for a local community meal program, and two handicapped accessible garden beds.  Before the season is over we'll also have a canning session and install fruit trees and fruit bushes.  So proud of all the hard work we've put in and all the tasty vegetables we've grown! 

our honeymoon to Quebec.  This was one of the best trips I've ever taken.  Our daily schedule usually followed this routine: wake up, eat, explore a beautiful historic city, eat, nap, walk around a little more, eat, drink, sleep.  I think that fits my description for the perfect day.  The icing on the cake was getting to chance to speak en Francais! 

a trip to Denver, CO for the wedding of one of our great Jesuit Volunteer Corps friends.  We had a great time visiting with old friends and exploring the city a big.  Again, lots of delicious food and drinks were consumed this weekend.  I'm starting to notice a pattern with these highlights...

farmers markets and our CSA box.  So many good fruits and vegetables were enjoyed this summer. 

and a trip back to Portland, OR to finish off a top-notch summer.  This time I got to visit with my dad and youngest brother (who loved the Portland Timbers game and stocking up on lots of tax-free sports wear).     

Not pictured above: backyard barbecues, concerts, camping, and lots of walks with Pedro and Paul.  You may have also noticed the summer included a new hair do.  Yes, I am enjoying rocking the new red headed look.  I liked it so much I'm getting it redone tonight!  

I am really looking forward to autumn this year: the crisp weather, wearing my favorite boots and vest, pumpkin everything, apple and pumpkin picking, cider, squash soup, and fall colors.  I'll also make sure to take lots of pictures so I can remember all the little moments that I might otherwise miss. 

What were your favorite parts of summer 2012?

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