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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

portland, oregon

This Labor Day, I had the good fortune to experience Portland with these three wonderful guys.  A good portion of the trip involved me forcing them to pose for pictures (see above).  The trip included some of my favorite things: walking around downtown Portland, a visit to the Downtown Chapel, spending time with friends and family, a Timbers game, and a trip to the Gorge.  We also went for the first time to a dam on the Columbia River and saw dozens of salmon migrating upstream.  Let me tell you, that is an impressive sight.  You know what was also impressive?  All the delicious food we ate: 

oyster hash and peppermint tea at this cute cafe... 

fresh, seasonal blackberries from the Beaverton farmers' market (tasted like candy)... 

a maple bacon, blunt, and sprinkle doughnut from Voodoo Doughtnuts (Yes, you heard that right.  My dad ordered a blunt doughnut.  Only in Portland)...

and pumpkin ice cream from Mike's in Hood River, OR.  

One of the highlights of the trip was watching the Portland Timbers take down the Colorado Rapids (not a huge feat considering Denver's record, but a victory is a victory!).  My dad and brother were singing the Timbers Army songs for the rest of the weekend (Portland Timbers, We Adore You).  I also loved staying with Paul's aunt, uncle, and cousin; they are such wonderful hosts and help us feel right at home.  Can't wait to go back again. 

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