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Saturday, September 22, 2012

first goal completed!

I recently pledged to complete four goals by 2013 as part of Elsie Larson's "Four Simple Goals" challenge.  (For more information about the challenge, visit A Beautiful Mess.)

I am proud to say that I accomplished the first of my four goals this week!!  Though I'm not meeting with a spritual director per say, I will be meeting weekly with an awesome woman once a week to sort out some of the large transitions I've experienced in the past few years.  I recently took this stress inventory and got a score over 300; so yeah, probably a good idea to meet with someone!

I've been loving this simple goals list so far.  It's doable, not daunting and therefore much more realistic to accomplish.  In case you're wondering, I've also been exercising once a week, but I haven't started a painting yet.  Maybe this weekend!  I also just realized that I may be entitled to a reward now that I accomplished my first goal.  Any ideas?  

Have you set any simple goals for yourself to reach before 2013?

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