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Friday, September 14, 2012

eat mangoes naked

My latest SARK obsession is the book Eat Mangoes Naked: Finding Pleasure Everywhere.  I have been finding a lot of joy (and pleasure) in this book lately and have been reading a chapter or two here and there.  It's a good book to enjoy bits at a time. 

With recent challenges in my community, with my health, and with finding a job, SARK's advice about finding pleasure and joy no matter what else is happening has been sooooo helpful (see how many 'o's I just put there?  That's how helpful SARK is.)  SARK writes about her process of accepting and creating pleasure during really difficult times.  This is part I've been really taking to heart: 

"What I've noticed is that pleasure might recede, but it's always closer than we think.  I began cultivating much tinier pleasures...I marveled at perfectly steamed broccoli, the curled edges of my new candle, rainbow colored dust motes.  My usual pleasures might have temporarily stopped, but I just narrowed my vision and shifted my perspective, I could locate tiny pleasures!

...joy and pleasure are not reserved for when "things are good."  They can be our solace when things are not good at all." 

This Friday afternoon, I am enjoying the bright sunshine, a small chocolate covered salter caramel, kind and thoughtful coworkers, preparing for a garden workday, finding a special necklace I thought I had lost, looking forward to our movie night, 90s music on my Pandora radio station, feeling excited about meeting some former Jesuit Volunteers tonight!  

What little pleasures and joys are you finding solace in?

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