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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

today i'm thankful for

my daily walk to work ... silent movies ... iced chais ... texting with libby during the women's gymnastics final (and trying to convince her that those old men coaches are creepy) ... painting ... farmers' market wednesday ... trips home to st. louis ... milwaukee's river walk ... actually getting to help people at work ... date nights with paul ... free night at the art museum ... feeling inspired to create ... finding this list of best young adult novels ... having a clean room ... great participation at the community garden ... feeling pretty good about my life after reading this article about 20somethings ... texts from friends who are far away ... the responses from the Sikh worshipers to Sunday's killing -- still rejecting hate and violence in the midst of such a tragedy

I really needed to make this list today.  My gratitude list sometimes starts out pretty short but always seems to grow as I adjust my attitude. It can make a huge difference to stop and remember the little things.  What little (or big) things are you thankful for today?

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