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Monday, August 13, 2012

i am enough

Sometimes I forget that I am enough, just as I am, right now.  As a person who likes goals and accomplishments, I often fall into the trap of thinking that I'll only be good enough after a few more improvements.  I put so much pressure on myself to be perfect or to have everything in my life figured out.        

I wonder if other people my age fall into the same thinking trap.  Being a twenty-something means I often feel like I'm in a development stage or on the way to something.  Sometimes I equate where I am in my career or personal development with my personal worth.  And connecting the worth of my being with my doing is something I would like to be more aware of and hopefully avoid. 

Working in the garden has helped teach me more patience for being on the way to something.  I consider most of my plants to be beautiful no matter what stage of growth they are in.  I love seeing seeds pop up, I love seeing the early stages of development, I love seeing new flowers, I love seeing vegetables begin to grow, I even appreciate their slow decay.  All stages of growth are beautiful in their own way, and the plant doesn't have to do anything except what comes naturally to it to be perfect and whole.  

I find comfort in remembering that I am enough just as I am.  Regardless of mistakes made at work, regardless of how I'm looking or what I'm wearing, regardless of how fast or far I am able to run, regardless of what others may think of me, regardless of how many places I have travelled or how many crazy experiences I've had, regardless of whether I leave my tupperware out for Pedro to chew up again.  Right now, sitting on my bed, typing this post ... I am enough.   

And if any of these thoughts resonate with you ... remember you are enough too!!  

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