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Sunday, August 5, 2012

blind pilot with rivercity extension


Last night we saw Blind Pilot and their opener Rivercity Extension at the Pasbt Theater.  It was our first time at the concert hall, and it was breath taking.  The theater was built in 1895 by Captain Frederick Pabst (of brewing fame), and its since become a Milwaukee landmark and a Wisconsin historical site.

Before we went into the concert, we saw Blind Pilot's touring bus: a big teal blue school bus.  We even got a glimpse of what looked like bunk beds in the bus.  This band is hard core.  Supposedly they rode their bikes around the west coast for their first tour.  Apparently, they upgraded for their cross country tour. 

I feel like opening bands are a lot like drinking milk just past its expiration date: it's only going be good about 50% of the time.  But we totally lucked out seeing Rivercity Extension -- I LOVED them.  They put on a fantastic show with SUCH great energy!  They have an folk-rock vibe but had some songs that sounded more blue-grassy and others that had more of a 50s pop sound to them.  They announced during their show that they would be emailing out free downloads of their album since they sold out of their albums on their tour.  We signed up for the album after the show and gave them an unsolicited donation for the album, and Mr Cash (see below) said "that's gas money!"  So glad I got to see this group and meet a few of them in person; I think it's so cool to see people -- talented ones at that -- going after their dreams.   (Go to their website and start by listening to Pittsburgh, promise you won't be disappointed!)

Blind Pilot also rocked my socks off.  They have a really easy going sound to their albums, and they have an even better energy live.  I love bands that sound better live; I think it's a sign of truly talented musicians.  We also counted about twelve instruments that were played by the six band members throughout the concert.  The band members themselves seemed so humble and genuine in the concert; if they lived in Milwaukee, I would want them to be my friends.  They ended the show with an acoustic version of one of my favorite songs (Three Rounds and a Sound).  SO magical.  Pretty sure I had a smile on my face through their whole show.     

What music is inspiring you right now?

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