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Monday, July 23, 2012

writing wedding thank yous

Six and a half months after our big day, our wedding thank yous are finally complete!  Yikes....and yippee!!  

We had SUCH a wonderful wedding.  I was blown away by everyone's generosity and joy for us.  People flew in from all over the country to celebrate, made donations in our names to a few of our favorite organizations (theJesuit Volunteer Corps and the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention), bought things off our Ten Thousand Villages registry when it was finicky, fulfilled most of our Macy's registry, and helped us have a beautiful, magical day.  I don't know if I've ever felt luckier or more loved.   

I am an excellent procrastinator AND a perfectionist which can lead to terrible results (like sending thank yous six months after an event).  After having such a great day, I wanted to write the perfect thank you messages to all of our guests.  But how can you put into words what your closest family and friends mean to you on a small 3 x 5 card?  After 6 months, I decided people would rather have a good thank you than a perfect thank you, and the thank you notes are now written and ready to send out!   Feeling very happy to have the thank yous written so we can offically recognize our wedding guessts, and so I can move on to that other wedding task I've been procrastinating -- printing pictures!  

P.S. A word of advice to anyone currently planning a wedding -- buy your thank you cards when you're tackling all of your other wedding tasks. One less thing to think about when you enter your post-wedding hangover.

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