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Friday, July 27, 2012

run/walk for the hungry

Last night our community participated in the Capuchin Run/Walk for the Hungry.  Each year, the Capuchins host the run/walk as a fundraiser for two great programs: St. Ben's Community Meal Program and the House of Peace.  St. Ben's serves meals to the chronically hungry, and the House of Peace has been providing services to the poor in Milwaukee since 1968.  I loved the youtube advertisements for the event which included Capuchin friars running in their robes to Germanfest.  The event was nicely sized for a Thursday evening run at just under 3000 people.  Highlights included: having a break in the heat, having a pretty good running time, a course that went right by the art museum and the lake, and getting a free ticket into Germanfest!  We listened to some German music, and I got a free apple wine.  TASTY-TASTY.

A few years ago, I never would have signed up for the running portion of an event.  I used to hate running because I thought I was physically unable to do it.  That was before I learned about the magic of pacing.  Instead of running as fast as I could for a short time, I started running at a comfortable pace for longer and longer distances.  I completed my first 5K after training for a whole summer with my roommates from the Jesuit Volunteer Corps.  Crossing the finish line for the first time with my JVC roommates felt like we were accomplishing something huge both physically and emotionally.  The Run/Walk for the Hungry was my 4th 5K race, and I felt so confident!  Every time I run now I think, "if I can do this, something I thought I could never do, what else am I capable of accomplishing?"  What other "I could never do that" thing could I be doing now?

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