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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

moonrise kingdom

I have a slight obsession with Wes Anderson movies.  The cinematography, the quirky characters, the colors, the soundtracks -- I just love them.  I saw his most recent movie, Moonrise Kingdom, a few weeks ago with Paul. This movie is now tied for my favorite Wes Anderson movie along with Royal Tenanbaums and Fantastic Mr. Fox.  Moonrise Kingdom feels like a young adult adventure book come to life, in complete Wes Anderson style.  

When the heroine runs away from home, she brings a suitcase full of books with her that she stole from the town library.  She scores points for running away in true book-lover style. The audience gets a peek at the books as the heroine reads them throughout the film.  Wes Anderson hired a few animators to bring the books to life, and you can watch the clip narrated by the film's librarian/narrator.   

They remind me of books I loved to read when I was 12, and books I still love to read when I pretend I'm 12.   

Paul and I may be basing our Halloween costumes off of this movie.  Maybe.  And it may be because the costumes can can have a dog tied in to them.  Maybe.  Take a wild guess as to who we will be.

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