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Friday, July 13, 2012

kishi bashi

Paul sent me a link to this song yesterday.  Paul has been discerning lately what he wants to do with life.  He's got the general idea, but he may be changing some of the specifics that he thought he already had figured out.  When he sent me this song, I knew he was feeling better and had a sense that everything was going to be ok.  Its the type of memory that you forget once everything has been worked out and is in all in place; its easy to forget the little steps from the journey that brought you to where you are.  Yay for finding joy on the journey! 

Promise this song by Kishi Bashi will have your shoulders bouncing, your hips swaying, and your lovely lips smiling.  While you're dancing, listen for the idioms (i.e. "break a leg" at 2:51) in the song. Apparently there's over 50 in the songs and a contest going at kishibashi.com for trying to find all of them!

Happy Friday!

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