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Sunday, July 15, 2012

joy in job loss

With recent state and federal budget cuts, the organization I work for will have to lay off a number of people by the first of the year.  I had a different post planned to go with this picture (of a vase and flowers in my work office), but with learning that I will most likely be losing my job, my post topic has changed. 

I shared my blog with one of my coworkers, and she asked me how I could find joy in this situation.  Tada!  My first finding joy challenge!  And its a tough one.

I have been so happy with the organization I work for.  I love my coworkers, I love my office, I love my commute to work (a mile and a half walk), I love working downtown, I love my independence, and my actual work has been satisfying and allows me to help improve the lives of others.  Where is the joy in having to leave a place that I have been happy? 

A phrase I really like has been coming to mind: "we wait in joyful hope."  Right now, I see my forced job change as an opportunity to move out of my comfort zone and to tackle a new challenge.  I'm waiting in joyful hope that I will find another job that will be a good fit and will feel like home the way my current job has.  The joy in my job loss is the hope that a new adventure awaits me. 

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